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Being “pansexual,” is bullshit, in my opinion. You either like men or women or both. The most you can be is bisexual. The least you can be is asexual.

Sure, there are transgenders, transsexuals, and every other combination imaginable, but in the end every person identifies themselves one way or the other.

Actually, there are people who identify as genderqueer or non-binary. That is to say, there are people who identify as a gender other than “man” or “woman”. I identify as intergender, between ‘woman’ and ‘third gender’.

There are plenty of traditional gender roles other than “man” or “woman”, before you write this off as some silly new age fad.

  • A lot of the Native American tribes/peoples have the concept of Two-Spirit, which is, to them, someone who is at the same time BOTH a man AND a woman - they have two spirits, one of each.
  • Pakistan and India both have a group of people described a ‘hijra’ which seems to outsiders to be trans women (MTF) but they often describe themselves as “a second kind of woman”.
  • Thailand has a traditional gender role which I don’t know the Thai for, but only the English derogative “ladyboy”. They (I believe) see themselves as other than ‘men’ or ‘women’.
  • In Biblical times / Ancient Rome etc, eunuchs were seen as a seperate gender, with various documents (including older translations of the Bible) talks about “born Eunuchs” which suggests that it was something the individuals always identified as, rather than a physical state of being a castrated male person.

So, there you have it. There are other genders than ‘man’ and ‘woman’.

AND of course, there are other sex possibilities than cis-male, cis-female, trans-male and trans-female. Intersex is something born (you may know the concept under the now-unused word ‘hermaphrodite’) and I think one in 2000 people are born intersex in one way or another. (Some are born with ambiguous genitals, some seem male or female and don’t find out until they try to have children.) Neutrois is the physical version of agender - people don’t just transition to the ‘opposite’ sex, as some people feel they have no gender and also feel that they would be happier in a body with as few sex characteristics as possible.

Of course, you could just be a bigot and a binarist, and either ignore or reject/dispute this reply, but hopefully you’ll respond positively. I knew none of this information a couple of years ago, so it’s fine to say, “Oh, damn, I had no idea that any of these things existed!”

Reblogging this here to signal boost. Pansexuality is far from bullshit ;)

Also, it would be AWESOME if there were any Native Americans, Indians/Pakistanis or Thai…s? to either fix or confirm my definitions (E.G. what is the correct, non-slur for “ladyboy”? Is there one in English?) for Queertionary! As you can see by my failure to know what the word for people from Thailand is, I am not very good at international knowledge. I also suck at geography, if you must know.

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It also got me thinking again about the trope that most bisexuals will eventually “choose one” by settling down in a monogamous relationship with a person who, presumably, has a gender. And while this is not necessarily true… I’m frustrated by the way people react to it when it is true. Bisexuals who settle down with either a man or a woman are not finally choosing a side, admitting to being either straight or gay. This seems so obvious to me, yet seems to escape most people. Choosing monogamy is just that — choosing monogamy. That’s all.
Bi-Furious! (via sexisnottheenemy)

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